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A mindset to create game-changing products

When developing a new product or creating a brand, entrepreneurs tend to hypothesize on their opinion, rather than on a clear brand image based on strategy. Such product will not be in demand, and the brand isn`t clear for the audience. Without the strategy stage both business and design will be insufficient. Design becomes a game of shape and color, rather than tool for expanding the brand.

Our recent strategic digital work
Our process

Strategy is the company’s DNA. It answers such questions as: Who`s the target audience and what is important for them? What identity will suit the most? What sensations should the interface create? What is our positioning concept? Relying on the research fact, rather than on the impression and opinions, we create strong brand that will be in demand on the market.

Before we begin our journey together we need to understand where you are coming from and where you want to go. We get to know you, your business and your customers so that we can challenge assumptions and uncover insights to get to the core of your businesses unique needs and desires.
We can now define our destination and develop a clear roadmap for getting there. Applying our creative thinking, we craft clear strategies that differentiate your business and meet your objectives.
Together, we explore creative concepts that bring the strategy to life, developing a unique visual and verbal identity that will transform your brand.
With brand identity in place, we shape the team from our own creative and technology in-house specialists in order to create digital outcomes that move your brand further.
A look back at the journey we’ve taken together, this stage allows us to review our performance, address key learnings and identify opportunities where we can create greater impact and amplify your brand to meet your strategic objectives.

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communication is everything when it comes to digital

The company’s identity as a whole is the only brand identification tool. You can`t do anything without a visual identity that will match the brand and highlight it among the competitors. Without it the brand will be lost in the sea of unknown products. Consumers will not remember you, and therefore will not find your product if they like it.

Our recent  work
Our process

The very first word in the dialogue with the consumer is your confidence, which forms the image of the company and speaks on behalf of the brand. Elements of corporate identity are based on 3 key elements: the target audience, created image and competitive business environment. With their help the brand identity is not only fixed deeply in the minds of every consumer but is also a distinctive sign among competitors on the market.

Determine goals1/5
To receive the expected results, the company has to set the priorities and values at the start point so that the crew working on branding could see which way to go. They do not necessarily need to be defined and used for all the cycle of brand existence. The goals can be modified later during a creative process but it’s vital to have some directives in the beginning.
Market and User Research2/5
When the goals are set and a company’s personality seems clear, our team goes to the research work. The research helps to immerse into the environment of the future brand and comprehend the peculiarities which may influence its success.
Logo Design3/5
Some people often mistake a logo for a brand but it is only one stage in the process of branding. However, it would be wrong to underestimate the role of logo design. It is the basic mark of brand identity, the most prominent symbol of brand image and the foundation of effective marketing strategy enabling its connection with the target audience
Visual elements of brand4/5
Logo design is not the only visual representation of a brand. Certainly, the major focus will always be a logo but there are some more elements deserving the attention such as mascots and typography.
Style Guide5/5
The work is done. The visual material is complete. The last task for the designer is to make sure clients will use all the assets properly. A style guide is a document providing instructions about correct and wrong ways to use the graphics created for the brand.

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A mindset to create game-changing initiatives

The digital environment occupies a large part in brand communications, advertising and goods and services field. Most sites and applications are created without interaction experience research and without brand identity. Such products do not cause desire to use them.

Our recent digital work
Our process

A digital product,  both for the web and mobile, must have a working bullet-proof information architecture (IA), user experience (UX) and an emotional, involving user interface (UI). We design and develop apps, that are loved by the end-users, based on years of research and constantly improved design and development technology stack.

Product Discovery1/5
Product discovery, so finding the right solution to the right problem makes up much of product’s success. In order to design a product which helps a lot of people, we should know their pains.
Brainstorm on solutions2/5
The more people involved, the more ideas will result. We will try to figure out what the product itself will be and which features it will contain. We will find features which will solve audience’s problems. All of the features will be pasted in the backlog and prioritized.
Initial discoveries and hypothesis will be incorporated in design which will serve as a basis for user testing, iterating and further development.
The goal of prototyping is to create something quickly and test it with real people from the target group. The user tests and iterations are made on the prototype. We will get important feedback and make sure people  understand the product.
Once the design is made, prototype is assembled and tested - we're ready for a development phase. It's initial (and it's on us, until there are specific requirements) to select appropriate technologies in order to deliver best user experience, necessary platforms support, and cost-effective solution.

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What's the offer?

Are you a small business or startup which is in a desperate search of a cutting-edge design partner for a fair price?

We got you covered!

What you will get?

We'll prepare a full-fledge design concept for your app for a fixed price - $1999.

We're interested in partnering with new businesses and helping them to achieve more. Great products deserve perfect implementation.

Who is eligible?
Firstly, it may be interesting for startups, who are not ready to spend too much, but aiming to have really stunning and unique UI for the product. Secondly, we want to help small companies, who needs to update their current design to attract new audience.
Will you copy the app I like?
Hm... Actually, it doesn't work that way. Our creative team will prepare for you unique and mighty concept, that will be loved by your audience.
Sounds cool! What are the terms?
- We require a full (100%) prepayment.
- Design concept is done for one selected user flow.
- We guarantee to deliver a project in 3-5 days.
- Our police includes one additional iteration (minor changes are also counted)
- You'll receive a  hi-fi prototype with animations, which you can test on your mobile.
- We keep the right to publish results in our social media.
Our recent digital work

Our toolbox

We insist on having the right tools to get new products out there fast. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the tools we have on hand.
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Design thinking
Agile development
Creative sprints
Digital first strategy
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Digital Ocean
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Product development
Digital design
User experience
Mobile app design
User interface design
User testing
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Product launches
Employer branding
Brand platforms
Digital campaigns
Film & motion graphics
Online storytelling

Let’s build something together

If you have a digital project in mind, we would be happy to have a chat about how we can help make that happen.

Let's talk! Schedule a strategic session with focus on your business and its digital opportunities.

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