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Focus: Research, Product Strategy, Brand Identity, Web Application IA/UX/UI Design, Landing Page Design, Motion Design


Dental Finance is a multi-lender platform and point-of-sale solution that helps patients get approved for financing to cover the costs of their dental demands. Dental Finance seamlessly connects lenders, practices, and patients for fast and easy transactions. ‍


The cost of dental care can vary widely, even among dentists in the same area. If you're going in for a conventional cleaning and check-up, it can make sense to call around town and see what different dentists are charging. Taking a dental loan is similar to selecting any other type of individual loan. Commonly, it's enough to take the loan with the most moderate interest rate and charges, and Dental Finance serves as a middleman.

Here are some other things you may consider taking into account, too. If you've already gone in for an exam and you know you need more expensive dental work, you can still shop around — but you may need to have your records transferred from your old dentist to your new dentist. And besides, getting a second opinion is always a good option, especially for expensive procedures like braces or root canals.  


Keeping the fixed interest rate based on the borrower's creditworthiness significantly built people's trust in the lending process. With Dental Finance, you can have a comfortable and straightforward way to pay for dental care at locations in the Dental Finance network. For everything from regular teeth check-ins to corrective dental orthodontics.


Partners of Dental Finance can finance dental cleaning, cavities, related costs, and other dental procedures or treatments. If approved, you can pay for the care your dental care needs immediately.

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Research & Strategy: Andriy Pryvalov

Design Lead: Elisei Barmushkin

Product Design: Alexey Semenov

Visual Design & Branding: Andrey Rybin

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