Private Jet booking platform


Client: Instajet

Focus: Research, Product Strategy, Brand Identity, Mobile Application IA/UX/UI Design, Motion Design, Back End Development, Front End Flutter Development

Project duration: 12 weeks

Technologies used: Flutter, Firebase, Salesforce

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Instajet is the community that redefines private air travel with the transparent, efficient, direct business model. The platform helps passengers easily and quickly access private flights by providing instant guaranteed pricing through the app and fulfilling that flight with the best possible aircraft and operator option.


Instajet team contacted us to design and build a cross-platform app, which should simplify the private jet booking process as much as possible. Time to market has been established as a core priority as the private jet market keeps growing with the new players. Due to the niche of the app, the target platform should meet the overall high-quality standards and expectations of potential customers.


It took 12 weeks of hard work to pass through the requirements creation, design, implementation, testing, and release phases. To balance between the quality and timelines, the engineering team have to choose community trusted and well-known technologies:

  • Flutter - Google's UI toolkit for building beautiful, natively compiled cross-platform applications.
  • Firebase - is a platform developed by Google for creating mobile and web applications.
  • Salesforce - world’s no.1 CRM serving as a 'command center' of the whole platform.


Each of the persona involved can benefit from the app:

  • For passengers, it begins with the 'couldn’t be simpler' reservations app and ends wherever you choose to go
  • For operators, a new way to manage and grow the business, serving passengers on a global scale
  • For everyone, earn $1000 per flight when you refer to the app

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Research & Strategy: Andriy Pryvalov, Maria Petrova

Design Lead: Andriy Pryvalov

Product Design: Andrey Rybin, Pavel Krutsko

Visual Design & Branding: Andrey Rybin

Front End Development: Ruslan Bakeyev, Maksym Kovalenko

Back End Development: Ruslan Bakeyev, Maksym Kovalenko

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