Gen Z Mobile Bank


Client: Finny - Gen Z Mobile Bank

Focus: Research, Product Strategy, Brand Identity, Web Application IA/UX/UI Design, Landing Page Design, Motion Design


Finny is a bank aimed to suit the needs of Gen Z users. This project is based on our research on user behaviour and needs and extensive analysis of competitors' solutions.


Strict limitation in the user segment was our main difficulty, but also our joy.


We've taken the lead and did research involving a literature review, 20 in-situ user interviews, and the guerilla testing of the significant fin-tech solutions available in the EU.

Taking all of the insights, we've formed a set of business hypotheses and validated them through a design. Our testing involved low-fi prototypes on the early phases evolving to hi-fi Principle+AE prototypes in the final stage.


Different generations need different approaches. Respecting and analyzing their personal needs, we help difficult things become more accessible, and people spend time on what matters.

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Research & Strategy: Andriy Pryvalov, Maria Petrova

Design Lead: Andriy Pryvalov

Product Design: Alexey Semenov

Visual Design & Branding: Alexey Semenov, Andrey Rybin

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