Reshape the creator's economy


Client: Fanvue

Focus: Branding, Content Strategy, Creative Direction, Visual Design, Motion Design, Front End Development


Fanvue empowers creators to earn an income by providing membership options to their fans and supporters. Also, it helps develop the brand and help it speak directly to the audience.


Modern creators experience hard times making a living as creators and lack a business goal-oriented environment. Fanvue disrupts it and provides a contemporary setting for modern creators.


Fanvue works with the current creative environment and helps creators maintain complete control and stay focused on building their creative business. Also, it offers payment plans and helps grow the audience organically.


Creators will have 100% ownership of their supporters and will be able to communicate with them directly and offer various kinds of services and content. Also, it helps have personal relationships with the creator's audience to the degree they haven't encountered online before!

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Research & Strategy: Andriy Pryvalov

Design Lead: Elisei Barmushkin

Product Design: Andrey Rybin

Visual Design & Branding: Andrey Rybin

Front-End Development: Ruslan Bakeyev

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