Smart credit cards for your business


Client: Karta

Focus: Concept, Art Direction, Web Design, Illustrations, Content Strategy, 3D, Front End Development


The primary goal of this project was to create a website for a product that lets you track your company's expenses. Karta provides company cards that automate expense reports and simplify company spending.


Invoices are a massive chunk of how companies allocate their resources, where the manual process eats time and burns money. Also, managing invoices involves a lot of pressure and uncertainty.


‍The founders of Karta have built a tool that focuses on reinventing how corporate cards work. It helps better manage cash flow positions and ensure your runway goes further. Easily set up your expenses and configure the spendings limit. Every card comes with configurable spending limits and buying restraints. Instead of sharing a company credit card around your team, you can now issue team cards with Karta.


Spend rules are enforced on company credit cards in real-time during every swipe. Set individual spend limits, select allowed categories, particular merchants or days, and time when cards work. Re-create your company pay policy and set explicit approval flows to manage employees' expenses, payments, and fund requests. Instead of sharing a company credit card around the office, finance teams can now issue team cards.

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Research & Strategy: Andriy Pryvalov, Maria Petrova

Design Lead: Elisei Barmushkin

Product Design: Alexey Semenov, Pavel Krutsko

Visual Design & Branding: Andrey Rybin

Front End Development: Ruslan Bakeyev, Vasily Feofanov

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