The task was not from the easy one

DRVR provides Asia’s fleet management and analytics and is focused on turning Asia’s vehicle fleets into the smartest and most cost-efficient in the world. The fact is that any fleet management application struggles from bad UX as it has too many features.

The history of design

We’ve started with input from DRVR’s Marketing Team and found out that there is plenty of features that should be sorted into categories and then subdivided into tabs to ensure user’s engagement and less distraction. A single feature is represented by a single element.

Iteration Process

The app has been designed and developed in tense collaboration with beta users to ensure it complies with both technical and user’s requirements.

Our Solution

Finally, we achieved the design which helped DRVR to win new users and enrol to 500 Startups Accelerator program, Kobe Batch. It’s been the first Telematics experience for our team and we’ve been researching a lot to fulfil the requirements. The application now is in private beta and if you would like to give it a try - please, e-mail to [] and you’ll receive your beta link.