A p2p parksharing platform


Client: re.Park

Focus: Concept, Art Direction, Design, Illustrations, Technical Strategy, Hybrid Development (Flutter), Backend Development


Our team envisioned re.Park - a mobile parking app with a decentralized marketplace, where people with available parking spaces can list them easily for drivers looking for long-term or just-in-time parking combined with easy to book on-street and off-street parking options.


We focused on parking within populated city center of Prague after some preliminary stats gathering:

  • 2011 IBM Study found 30% of traffic attributed to people looking for parking
  • ⅓ Praguers spent about 20 mins on average looking for parking
  • A typical vehicle is parked 23 hours each day
  • Parking fees take 70% of direct travel cost in cities


We designed and developed a system, which helps cities better utilize unused parking spaces both private and municipal. It provides analytics of occupancy of parkings in the city resulting in better parking experience for citizens and tourists.

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Design Leads: Andriy Pryvalov, Maria Petrova

Tech Leads: Nikita Kurpas, Ruslan Bakeyev

Design: Andriy Pryvalov, Maria Petrova

Development: Nikita Kurpas, Ruslan Bakeyev
, Vanja Djurdjevic

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