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OSA Tattoo - fresh and bold tattoo studio from Prague


Client: OSA Tattoo Studio

Focus: Concept, Art Direction, Design, Animations, Technical Strategy, Frontend Development, Backend Development

User Profile

The websites purpose is specifically for users to book appointments, learn about tattoos, or review the artists previous work.


Demographic research revealed that value in tattoos is timeless yet esoteric in nature, though progressively they are becoming more widely accepted. It was inferred from the tattoo artist that on average, OSA Tattoo clients are millenials. We concluded from said reviews that most visitors of the website were locals of the Prague downtown.

User Goals & Needs

A tattoo is a lifelong commitment which requires a lot of research and emotional commitment. Thus, establishing trust with clientele through reputation, core values, and the demonstration of skill is the very foundation of tattooing. Therefore, the website must enable users to inform themselves of the service OSA offers, as well as his expertise and style.


In an attempt to combat the congested design of the original website, extensive consideration was given to the spacing of each element. To that end, explicit efforts were made to introduce typographical hierarchy to the site, making clear to the user what matters. In the creation of a new color palette, consideration was given to OSA tattooing style and the atmosphere of her studio, thereby aligning her digital and physical presence.

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Design Lead: Andriy Pryvalov

Tech Leads: Nikita Kurpas

Project Management: Denys Sidorenko

Design: Andriy Pryvalov, Maria Petrova

Development: Nikita Kurpas, Ruslan Bakeyev

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