Planeta Kino

Ticket booking and social app


Client: Planeta Kino

Focus: Concept, Art Direction, Design, Illustrations, Technical Strategy, iOS (Swift) Devleopment

Despite going to the cinema is definitely a fun experience, ordering the tickets in many apps and website often feels like doing rocket science whilst it should be a more convenient and user-centred process.

We surveyed 25 people in person, aged between 16 to 40, who visit the cinema at least once a month. The questions were focused at their last cinema visit: Twelve said they wanted to watch a specific movie, so they were looking for the right time to see it.  Three said they wanted to go to the cinema at a specific time of the week, so they were looking for the best movie available at that time.  Ten said they want to go to the cinema for some evening this week.  All of those answers applies to cinema's which are located near their work/home.

The users distinguished several pain points in a process of mobile booking: process takes too long, hidden fees are applied, ticket sent via SMS (instead of the ability to use it in-app).

Taking into consideration all of the above-mentioned information we designed the app in a user-centred way. We created a menu in which is possible to book a ticket sorting by cinema, movie or time. Also, the ticket is received in-app and since the application is built for iOS it allows to save it as a card in Wallet. Moreover, we planned an update in which it will be possible to randomize some of the selection parameters and visit cinema with a group of random people with the same interests.

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Design Lead: Andriy Pryvalov

Tech Leads: Nikita Kurpas

Project Management: Maria Petrova

Design: Andriy Pryvalov, Dejan Prisic

Development: Alexander Valikov

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