Europe's most advanced p2p lending marketplace.


Client: David Moreira, Zalando DE

Focus: Concept, Creative Direction, Design, Illustrations, Technical Strategy, Frontend Development, Backend Development


The client wanted a decentralized lending marketplace, enabling borrowers to deal directly with lenders.The traditional lending process involves many intermediaries including brokers, auditors, and loan managers. That's why, client came up with the idea of a blockchain-based P2P lending platform that could eradicate the need for mediators and provide end user with a trusted environment.


Earlier, people required intermediaries like banks, loan officers, loan processors and underwriters to build the trust. But adding middlemen to the lending process was expensive for both financial institutions and borrowers.

Also, the involvement of many intermediaries slowed down the loan approval processes. Moreover, the different rate of interests offered by various institutions was one of the significant challenges for the borrowers.


The blockchain could disrupt the entire lending process and reduce the cost and turnaround time. Lenders and borrowers from around the world can get connected through a decentralized platform. Terms and conditions embedded in the smart contracts bring trust in the system. Due to the immutable and transparent nature of the blockchain, the company can track the user's transactions to ensure the non-involvement of users in money laundering activities.

By keeping the fixed rate of interest based on the creditworthiness of the borrower, it significantly built people's trust in the lending process.


With a blockchain-based solution, borrowers were able to borrow money seamlessly without requiring the need to get approval from several intermediaries. The blockchain enabled platform reduces delays, made quick approvals, eliminated the need for a middleman and brought transparency.

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Design Leads: Andriy Pryvalov

Tech Leads: Nikita Kurpas, Ruslan Bakeyev

Project Management: Maria Petrova

Design: Andriy Pryvalov

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